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Chey is the current chair of the YPN committee, a queer person of colour, and an absolute style icon. Her dedication to queer advocacy is extensive and ongoing and manifests through volunteer work, research projects, and youth consultancy.


International relations and political science honours graduate with a thesis in inter-Korean relations and human rights from an ontological perspective, Chey is a dedicated researcher and collaborator. The brains behind YPN’s “Me and My Doctor” resource and the Youth Services resource, she has worked for a number of think-tanks, research centres, and non-for-profits. Intersectionality, inclusion, and ensuring the safety and success of all BIPOC (black & indigenous people of colour) are at the forefront of all Chey’s work both at YPN and beyond.


An integral part of the YPN team, Chey’s leadership is steering the committee towards exciting and important projects, all while she consistently serves fierce fashion looks.

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