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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Heartstopper Graphic Novel Series 1 - 4 by Alice Osman reviewed by Troy

Heart stopper is one of my favourite queer novels, about one bi-sexual rough rugby person named Nick and one gay cheerful and soft person named Charlie. A relationship forged through middle & high school and opportunities. We start with an abusive relationship Nick was in with Ben, a closeted character who started our series. The three separate places Charlie is in with: Ben a “love-interest”, Nick a friend (at this point), and his friends throughout school. Charlie starts rugby with Nick and has the time of his life with Nick, but not with the other players so much. Dun-dun-duuuun Ben is forcing himself on defenceless Charlie when Nick abruptly stumbles on Ben taking advantage of Charlie and physically breaks it up. With Charlie always having a crush on Nick, Charlie wanted to flesh out the new relationship. Their relationship blossoms from there, with such a loving and romantic relationship starting with texting and just hanging out and Charlie not letting his emotions know just yet.

Nick at one stage after hanging out with Charlie and starts to have feelings for him does what any queer does and googles the “am I gay test”. From there he starts his queer journey like any baby queer, not knowing where to start and how to tell people. He was probably comforted by Charlie always being there.

This books looks into all issues and aspects of queer life no one talks about, like the micro-agressions from others and comments from those you thought would of accepted you with open and loving arms. But with family, friends and others going from having a positive attitude with Nick to negative once he is in a openly gay relationship.

Eating disorders, mental health issues, body dysmorphia and more is looked into and how it feels to be someone trying to help a dear friend or boyfriend in their journey to traverse such a hard time in their lives. It's so delicately and beautifully written with such overwhelming emotion felt through the pages.

Every page I find myself excited to turn to the next one, struggling to put down the book. Getting quite frustrated because I wanted to read the fourth book but it is not out yet. It really drove me up the walls because this book series is so good. For someone who never reads because they can’t focus on the words and have it play in there head it was so nice to have a queer focused graphic novel that’s is so much more down to earth and real than any of the other queer books I’ve read. 10/10 could not recommend more, the only downside would be having to buy four books cause after the first one you really can’t stop!


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