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Dylan is one of our new additions to the YPN committee. A queer person of colour, a fashion design student, a passionate LGBTIQA+ youth advocate, and a fierce upcoming drag performer, they’ve hit the ground running at YPN, working hard to make WA a better place for LGBTIQA+ POC.


A finalist at the 2021 WA Youth Awards for Creative Contribution, Dylan is passionate about using art and drag as a vessel for advocating for LGBTIQA+ people and people of colour. Whether it be while whirling spots as their drag alter ego, or while wearing their hoodies crooked to fashion school, Dylan is always advocating for queer youth to reach their full potential. 


Walking the entire 2021 Pride Parade with the YPN float in a pair of heels (without complaint), Dylan has become an integral member of the YPN team.

any pronouns

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