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The talent featured in many of YPN’s dance trend Tik Tok videos, Hannah is YPN’s project support officer. A transmasc non-binary human, their passion for LGBTIQA+ youth advocacy is echoed throughout all aspects of their personal and professional life.


With a Masters in Secondary Teaching, Hannah works in schools fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all LGBTIQA+ young people. Moonlighting as a drag king they’ve curated a number of successful events in the queer community for both 18+ events and All Ages audiences. Hannah is in their element when they have the opportunity to facilitate creativity, empowering discussion, and community through workshops, events, and education experiences. 


At YPN, Hannah keeps the YPN social media cogs turning, developing unique content to keep people informed, providing resources, and pulling peace signs at any given opportunity. In their personal time, Hannah enjoys writing music, rhinestoning garments, going on adventures, and generally refusing to take life too seriously.


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